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Women*s Center


  • Where can Cougar Safe Rides pick me up?

    Cougar Safe Rides can pick you up at all locations within Pullman city limits, as well as the airport. 

  • Does Cougar Safe Rides take reservations?

    No, we are unable to take reservations. You may always call and ask what our current wait times are. 

  • Where can I be dropped off?

    Cougar Safe Rides is unable to drop you off at commercial locations such as stores or restaurants due to efficiency purposes. We are limited by only 3 vehicles at the moment and need to focus on ensuring everyone can receive a safe ride home at night. That being said, we are certainly be happy to pick you up at any commercial location during our operating hours.

  • Is Cougar Safe Rides free to use?

    YES! There is no cost to ride with us. You have already paid us with your Services and Activities Fees.  Thank you!

  • Do I need to own/use my car if I want to Volunteer for Cougar Safe Rides?

    Nope! We own a small fleet of vehicles that any volunteer who has passed a driving record check can use.  We will even pick you up before each shift. 

  • Can I Volunteer if I don’t have a license?

    Yes! We are always looking for dispatchers and ride alongs to volunteer with us. 

  • Can I only call for a ride if I feel unsafe walking home?

    No, anyone can use our program. But if you do feel unsafe in an emergency please contact 911.

  • What should I do if I don’t qualify for a ride?

    Our Volunteers will refer your local taxi services within the Palouse. These numbers can also be found below. 

    Pullman-Moscow Taxi…. (509) 339-9998

    College Cabs LLC……..…(855) 829-4487 

    Pro Cab LLC…………........(509) 338-0500